Eric Parks Representing his GS430

 We held a contest last year and was able to get an amazing response overall for a few items in the give away. and we chose Eric Parks.

all the amazing updated shots by Mark Miller ( @cf_z33 ) 


Vipdout 1st Contest July 2018 Participants will need to answer one question about us...

"What does VIPDOUT represent to you...?"

Here is what Eric had to say. 


What does VIPDOUT represent to me?” – Eric Parks - @cf_gs430

To me, VIPDOUT and its brand principals have become the representation of the VIP culture in the United States, and growing globally. Quality, service and customization are the pillars that in my opinion have given rise to the most prominent luxury accessory and lifestyle brand in our market.

When I first joined the world of luxury cars and became aware of the brand, shortly after picking up my first Lexus, it was “just another brand” selling VIP accessories for our cars. I quickly realized that I was wrong and that VIPDOUT represents so much more than “just another brand.”

"Quality second to none” is more than just a tagline. Within the VIP community (and larger car community as well), there are an unlimited number of vendors that fake the funk, if you will, with low quality or replica parts just to make a buck. However, quality parts are the cornerstone of every build and a quintessential part of anything luxury. James and his team strive to create unique parts that really live up to that motto.

As a company they pride themselves on having some of the best customer service in the industry. Putting their customers first by more than just answering questions about their own products, but also questions and giving suggestions or advice on anything VIP related. Being members of the community has also allowed them to set examples with their own builds and keep a finger on the pulse of what is needed to continue to grow the VIP scene.

In all corners of car culture, every enthusiast and builder wants to be unique and stand out from the car next to them. VIPDOUT has given luxury enthusiasts that ability by having the most customization catalog of any brand in the U.S. or Japan. From finish options on tables, to endless combinations on leather goods and now adding new non-traditional products that are expanding the possibilities even further, this all helps represent the brands desire to help their customer stand out.

In summary, as I said at the beginning, in my opinion, VIPDOUT makes every effort to represent us, their customers and community as strongly as possible. It’s been great watching the brand grow over the last few years, I look forward to seeing what’s to come and being able to represent the brand myself in the future. 






 We all agreed that Eric had blown away the Judges and appreciated his feedback. Take a look some of the amazing photos of his ride aswell. 

Here are some additional photos of Eric'e Ride



Great shots captured by 📸@cf_gs430
Our contest winner is officially rocking his VipdOut Type 2 front tray...!!! He went with a gloss black top, leather bottom with burgundy double diamond stitching  
Also check out his matching Neck Pads, medium and large pillows, and acrylics... 
Congratulations again Eric 🙏🙏



Eric took the time to custom build his entire trunk and watching this process was quite amazing, he was very patient and also hardworking at his own place. this is something many in the scene should see and appreciate too. 

We topped off his manifold cover with a Mirrored Acrylics Brandywine finish.  



 With the lighting and also matching red trunk, everything came out pretty amazing, one of the most down to earth people we have met aswell. He has a talent for designing with Graphics too. 

He fine tuned the rest of the items he knew he wanted to have in the car, He went with Burgundy double Diamond stitching, with a Burgundy Stripe and White logos. Medium pillows, and also matching neckpads all around. 

He will be blessing our presence as a demo car for Riverside Chattanooga some make sure to come out and see his ride.