Bringing Back the Clean Builds - Aaron Chan 2008 Mercedes Benz E350

We haven't taken the time to really give appreciate to the cars in the market from all over the world. one in particular we have seen more than a few time and has caught our attention is by Aaron Chan.
We are partial as we have an 2003 SL500r now and also love the clean overall look he has done with this Euro.
We asked Aaron to tell us a little history of his car, 

Its sitting on 92K miles, this car is iconic for being in Men in Black. My parents purchased this when it first came out in 2008. I fell in love with it since Day 1. 


The timeless body and the aggressive front end always gets me. When I was 18, my parents asked me what car I want as a graduation gift. 



I was looking at countless of cars and nothing really caught my attention. I knew that whatever car I get, it would be a VIP build.



After being very indecisive.. I realized that a nice black W211 Benz was calling my name. What's unique about this build is that not much car enthusiasts pick this car to mod. The aftermarket world for this car is very small which means creativity is needed. 



Nothing screams luxury more than Mercedes Benz which is why I've decided to make this a VIP inspired build.




I plan on keeping this car in my possession for as long as I can. Shout out to my VIP fam, Supreme Society,(@ _supremesociety_ )  for always holding it down and @tnautoinspired for making all my modifications come to life. 


Current Mod List: 
Leon Haridiritt Orden Wheels
Airlift 3p Management w AirFoce AirStruts
Prior Design Trunk Spoiler 
AMG Front Bumper, Sideskirts, and Lip
Junction Produce Curtains, Neckpads, and PIllows
Custom @tnautoinspired VIP tables 
Custom VIP Puddle Lights 
MagnaFlow Exhaust



Thanks Aaron for sharing your build with the rest of the Vipcar and Vipstyle car community.