Vipdout Minimalist Large Pillows
Vipdout Minimalist Large Pillows

Vipdout Minimalist Large Pillows

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Vipdout Minimalist Large Pillows Collection


We have officially launched our own Vipdout Brand Interior line, these are made and sewn in USA and have some of the highest quality stitching. This is the Option for a clean Non Double Diamond option that matches all car models. sold in pairs, and also come with clean leather look and Leather base. If you would like a custom color stripe or stitching please inquire. No additional charge for stitching choice, and we will offer the Large Pillows with Black Stripe with White logo. When you are ordering and prefer custom options please add notes when you place your order. These are sold in pairs, 2 neck pads total 

Our Large Pillows are filled with plush soft lightweight High Density Plush Insert. Sold in pairs and will all come with the Black stripe and White Vipdout logo unless we get notified prior to making the order, All items are custom made to order please allow 2/4 weeks to ship directly to your location. No refunds as all items are these are handmade to order. please ensure correct color prior to placing order. thank you

We are offering our Large Pillows in the following colors and options. 







Light Gray

Dark Gray 


Contact us for any questions.


President & Interior Automotive Specialist 
James Church | Northern Tennessee Representative


Vendor & Interior Automotive Specialist 

Dennis Tangonan | Washington Representative


Vendor & Interior Automotive Specialist

Rene Garcia | Southern California Representative


Vendor & Interior Automotive Specialist

Lam Tran | Australia Representative