Vipdout "Bombay" Vip Line Tray
Vipdout "Bombay" Vip Line Tray

Vipdout "Bombay" Vip Line Tray

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This is a deep Rich Red Woodgrain. Comes out great in type 1, 2 or 3 level rear tray.

These Trays are all Handmade, so allow 3/4 week Delivery time frame.

This Item is a handmade on order so allow about 2-3 week time frame to arrive.

Vipdout Disclaimer: These Custom Vip Trays are for Show use only. They have not been proven to be safe in vehicles or in accidents. Once these are sold Vipdout has no liability with the table in your car. Please be safe and drive responsible. No refunds are these are handmade to order. please ensure correct color prior to placing order. thank you