2002 17 Toyota Crown Athlete VX
2002 17 Toyota Crown Athlete VX
2002 17 Toyota Crown Athlete VX

2002 17 Toyota Crown Athlete VX

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Welcome to Vipdout Motors ! we are offering a Full Demo Junction Produce car, this car was built with an extreme wide body with a facelift from a 1996 model :S400 to a 2000 LS400 Model. We are offering cars not just from Japan, but also from Major Companies such as JUNCTION PRODUCE co.,ltd. this car would be coming from Japan so the price does not reflect Shipping across the seas. gauge about $3500 for shipping. we also offering financing, please check out page for more details too. Classic car financing.


Late model H14 CROWN Athlete VX - Located in Japan

About 207,000 km 1JZGTE modified 5MT replacement car Replaced with a 120,000 kg engine at 180,000 km 5MT conversion has been approved for modification GH-JZS171 Kai Sunroof,leather interior, multi It is a finish that can handle all drift, cannonball, etc. with this appearance.

We have confirmed that the maximum speed is up to 250km / h. External turbine x Westgate At the final 3.9, the power is currently about 380 horsepower.

The wheels are OZ Futura rebarrels. One set costs 600,000 yen.

One-off over fender (inner processed) Rebarrel with OZ Futura 17 inch VR WHEEL rim F 11.5J-40 R 12.5J-110 17 inches

326 Power Chakuriki Damper (O / H completed by shock exchange 1 year ago) It is a specification that can control a high rate with a high damping force with a shock of 100k front and rear specifications with a spring of F 80k R 45k.

Kazucchi Seisakusho Front extension lower arm 55mm

Kazucchi Seisakusho Front Short Knuckle 30mm

Kazucchi Seisakusho Knuckle with increased cutting angle

SKID RACING Front Pillow Tension Rod

Aeros Front bumper JUNCTION PRODUCE modified shortened bumper

EG smart line Athlete VX bumper Rear bumper

EG smart line rear Genuine bumper modified rear

Late athlete head Late type royal head

Late type athlete cold region

Late type royal cold region Athlete VX

Genuine tower bar Before and after

Cusco reinforced stabilizer 40mm rear member

(Kazucchi Seisakusho) with 20mm raised at the base and 20mm raised at the differential and lower arm Front raising member 30mm

(Kazucchi Seisakusho) Made of mechanical LSD carts 7-point chromoly roll bar made by Saito

roll cage

Patrite siren amplifier loudspeaker, flasher set

Rear pillow upper arm Nagisa

Auto Rear tension rod Megan Rear toe control arm

Silk Road Dixel slit rotor Athlete Option Trunk Spoiler

1 Celsior inner processing grill

Defi meter Oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, boost gauge (Nippon Seiki)

APEX AFC neo (Airflow Controller)

Air mileage meter BRIDE XERO RS Bipod (Full Bucket Seat)

One offside extension lever engine 1JZGTE

Mission R154 5 speed remounted (engine and mission will cost more than 600,000 yen)

Ogura Clutch ORC559D Twin Metal Clutch

HKS Turbine GTII7460 Westgated casting exhaust manifold APEX air cleaner Direct suction Low temp thermostat TRUST Boost Controller Profile 2 BTM 6-point seat belt