1990 Nissan Cima Turbo ( Sold )

This is a 1990 Y31 Nissan Cima Turbo, it has been legally imported, Its Built and Branded currently 1 of 2 total Junction Produce builds in the USA. Japan currently has 10 full Junction Produce builds. This Y31 Cima is extremely rare and offered for sale to the USDM community. Taketomi is one of the self-proclaimed founders of VIP style, the next great Japanese micro-trend to surface in America. “Bippu style,” as it is colorfully known in Japan, starts with a high-power luxury sedan. The car is slammed on ultra-thin tires and trimmed with boxy body kits. At first glance, a VIP style car might look like any tuner sedan on its way to Hot Import Nights, but there are specific details that set it apart. A VIP style car might have a billet grille or metallic trim lines or polished wood inside. Window curtains are big. So are aftermarket emblems and hood ornaments. The look is a bit like Scarface Goes to Japan. And legend has it VIP style has roots in the yakuza (organized crime in Japan). True or not, Taketomi makes a strong case on its behalf. Through a translator, Taketomi tells us he built his first VIP style car, a Nissan Cedric, in 1993. Three years later he founded Junction Produce, which specializes in products for VIP style cars. Today it is one of the best-known marques in VIP tuning and has its brand on everything from body kits to wheels to cuff links and bracelets. Junction Produce is also the first company of its kind to make a big push into the United States. According to Taketomi, true VIP style tuning is limited to only 10 Nissan and Toyota models: Nissan President, Cima, Gloria, Cedric and Fuga; Toyota Celsior, Century, Aristo, Crown and Majesta. That’s it. Since most of those models come with powerful turbocharged engines in Japan, VIP style cars are rarely tuned for performance. More important is that they’re slammed as low as they can go on the widest wheels possible. Most of the other tuning parts somehow assist in this goal. and they have build 10 Full JP Builds with plaques, This is considered 1 of 2 in the USA. The Y31 Cima comes with Junction Produce body kit, Junction Produce Height adjustable coilovers, Type1 One off Junction Produce Exhaust, Fusa, Tsuna and has Original 100,000 mile car, that is turn key and ready to enjoy.


Motor VG30DET

The VG30DET is a 3.0 L (2,960 cc), 24-valve, quad-cam, VTC-equipped engine equipped with a T3 (Nissan N1 Type) 4-bolt Garrett Turbo running between 7.5 and 11.5 psi (0.52 and 0.79 bar). Generating up to 255 hp (190 kW) and measuring 236 lb⋅ft (320 N⋅m) depending on the production year and application.

While this engine is similar to the VG30DE, it used different heads and inlet manifold. Contrary to popular belief, it was not available in the Nissan 300ZR model - the 300ZR only had an early version of the VG30DE (non turbo). The engine was available in the Cedric, Gloria, Cima and Leopard chassis.[2] It is a single-turbo engine that was used from 1987 through 1995 in the Japanese market, and the predecessor for the VG30DETT engine.

This Turbo motor came in the following Applications:

  • Nissan Cedric Y32 (1991–1994)
  • Nissan Gloria
  • Nissan Cima FY31, FY32, FY33 (1988–2001)
  • Nissan Leopard


Full Exterior paint from Japan- (Pearl White)

Junction Produce Y31 Aero Kit

Junction Produce Type1 Exhaust

Junction Produce Rear Wing



Junction Produce Type 1 Coil overs



Currently on

BBS 18s



Black Leather seats with optional Diamond stitching center

Vipdout neck pads Saddle | Black 2 pairs

Vipdout seatbelt pads Saddle | Black 1 pairs

Vipdout floormats| Highrise Saddle | Black, front, backseats and trunk

Vipdout tissue box cover Saddle | Black 1 single

Vipdout medium pillows Saddle | Black 1 pair

Junction Produce Fusa White

Junction Produce Tsuna Gold

Vipdout front Tray RHD with matching OEM woodgrain

Vipdout rear headrest trays with matching OEM woodgrain

Vipdout Center Vip Tray with matching OEM woodgrain



If Completing car priced at $21,500, that would include the interior and the Junction Produce OZ Scara 18 inch Step lip wheels,

If sold as is, it has a light scrape on the front bumper, And fender lightly pushed out from front scrape. Would have interior and wheels from updated photos. Would be listed $17,995.00 as is, The Y31 was driven from Los Angles to Tennessee. 


We have a few options for Financing, We are not endorsed any of the following,

Cima TN

Cima TN

Cima TN

Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo



Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo


Y31 Cima Turbo



all washed up